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Internal Communication

24 Jan, 2019Prevention of Bribery Ordinance: Chinese New Year Gifts 防止賄賂條例:農曆新年禮物
29 Nov, 2018Extension of Maternity and Paternity Leave
20 Sep, 2018Communications Directory: Updating Address and Contact Number
13 Sep, 2018Terms for Re-appointment beyond Retirement Age
17 Jul, 2018Performance Review and Development (PRD) 2018
17 Jul, 2018Top-up Medical Insurance Scheme 附加醫療保險計劃
09 Jul, 2018Reminder: Performance Review and Staff Development (PRSD) 2018
25 Jun, 2018Reporting Work Injury Cases
01 Jun, 2018Education Allowance (LEA & OEA) – End of Financial Year
16 Apr, 2018Revised Rates of Home Financing Allowance (HFA) and Private Tenancy Allowance (PTA)
30 Mar, 2018Performance Review and Staff Development (PRSD) 2018
31 Jan, 2018A New Scheme on Staff Housing
26 Sep, 2017Revised Outside Practice Regulations
19 Aug, 2017Gender-parity and Family-friendly Measures
03 Aug, 2017Revised Staff Medical Benefits Scheme
26 Jun, 2017University Administration Fee for the Staff Provident Fund
25 Apr, 2017New Development on the Minimum Wage Ordinance - w.e.f. May 1, 2017
18 Apr, 2017HSBC MPF Default Investment Strategy 匯豐強積金預設投資策略
31 Mar, 2017Revised Outside Practice Regulations
21 Sep, 2016Notice of Nominations for Performance Review and Staff Development (PRSD) Appeals Panel
09 Sep, 2016Notice of Nominations for Performance Review and Staff Development (PRSD) Appeals Panel
26 Aug, 2016Membership of the Performance Review and Staff Development (PRSD) Appeals Panel
08 Jun, 2016Mandatory Advanced Training on Personal Data Protection (MAT004)
06 May, 2016Performance Management Training Programme 2016
14 Apr, 2016Update of Personal and Family Data and Emergency Contacts
05 Feb, 2016Breastfeeding-Friendly Working Environment「母乳餵哺友善工作環境」
15 Apr, 2015Performance Review and Staff Development (PRSD) 2015
26 Mar, 2015New Reporting Structure
13 Mar, 2015Performance appraisal - Announcement on result of consultation exercise
09 Mar, 2015Outside Panel Doctors Scheme 校外醫生計劃
01 Mar, 2015Paternity Leave 侍產假期
20 Oct, 2014Continuing Professional Development Grants
22 Sep, 2014Outside Practice and Outside Work
26 May, 2014Special transfer option to Bupa CarePro Health Insurance Scheme upon retirement/leaving University
20 May, 2014Amendment of Maximum Level of Relevant Income for MPF Contributions with effect from June 1, 2014
10 Jan, 2014Catastrophic Insurance 危疾保險
30 Nov, 2013Self-pay Dental Scheme
22 Oct, 2013Amendment of Minimum Level of Relevant Income for MPF Contributions with effect from November 1, 2013
05 Oct, 2013Revised Staff Medical Benefits Scheme
28 Aug, 2013Review of Medical Benefits
24 Jun, 2013Review of Outside Practice Regulations
15 Jan, 2013Forum on the Implementation of Lecturer Titles for Non-Professoriate Teaching Staff
31 Oct, 2012Declaration of Interests
04 Sep, 2012Flexible Working Hours Arrangement
19 Jul, 2012Guidelines for Staff Members
30 May, 2012Simplified Payment Process for Engaging One-off, Hourly-paid Casual Helpers
03 Nov, 2011Tenure and Promotion System
16 Sep, 2011e-Declaration of Interests Form
01 Jun, 2011Announcement for internal recruitment exercises
17 Nov, 2010Conferment of Chair Professor Title
09 Sep, 2010Fixed Salaries for Temporary Appointments
15 Dec, 2009Retitling of Senior Lecturer to Professor
30 Oct, 2009Leave Provisions: Unification and Enhancement
18 Sep, 2009Streamlining of Medical Clearance Procedures
13 Mar, 2009Visitor vs Visiting Appointment

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