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Tenure and Promotion System03 Nov, 2011

Message from Professor Roland T. Chin, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost, Chair of Computer Science

To all professoriate staff members:

Tenure and Promotion System

In light of intense competition for talents as well as the experience gained and feedback received over the years since the HRM Reform for academic staff in September 2004, the University has conducted a review of its tenure and promotion system, the main purposes of which are to expedite the review process, improve process clarity, remove inconsistencies and enhance documentation of applicants' achievements and recommendations thereon at departmental, Faculty and University levels.  I am very pleased to let you know that following thorough consultation with the Faculty Deans, the University Selection and Promotion Committee (USPC), the Senior Management Team (SMT) and the Committee of the SMT and the Deans, as well as endorsement by the Senate and the Human Resource Policy Committee, the Council has approved the new tenure and promotion system for professoriate staff.  The detailed guidelines and supporting documentation for the new tenure and promotion system (http://www3.hku.hk/hr/documents/new_procedures-tenure_promotion.php) have now been endorsed by the Senate.  The new system is effective from November 1, 2011.  Members of the Promotion and Tenure Panel (PTP) and the USPC will be appointed and announced, and applications for promotion to Professorship for 2011-12 will soon be invited.

I will conduct a forum on the new tenure and promotion system at 11:00 a.m. on Friday, November 18, 2011 in the Wang Gungwu Lecture Theatre, Graduate House, to explain the new system to professoriate staff, members of the relevant committees, and Department Heads.  All colleagues are most welcome to join this forum.

 For tenure and promotion applications which are now being processed under the former system, the transitional arrangements are as follows:-

(a) In respect of those applications for which the external assessment process has already started (i.e. the former PTP has already solicited external assessments by November 1, 2011), inclusive of those applications which are beyond this stage by the cut-off date, they should continue to be processed by the former PTP and the former USPC under the former system. 

(b) In respect of those applications for which the external assessment process has not yet started, inclusive of those which are not supported by the former PTP after initial screening (and hence no assessments are sought), the applicants concerned will be given an irrevocable option to change to the new system, so that their applications will be reviewed under the new system.
(c) For those applicants who do not opt to change, their applications will continue to be considered by the former PTP and the former USPC under the former system.

Enquiries about the tenure and promotion system may be addressed to the Human Resource Section in the first instance (c/o Mrs. Rebecca Ching, Assistant Registrar (Appointments), e-mail: recleung@hku.hk, tel. 2859 2223).


Professor Roland T Chin
Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost
Chair of Computer Science

November 3, 2011

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