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Staff members should refer to their contracts of employment on matters of eligibility for housing benefits. All forms of housing benefits provided by the University to eligible appointees are governed by the Prevention of Double Housing Benefits Rules as stipulated by the Government.

Staff members may refer to the list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for housing benefits, which is designed to provide more information on eligibility, application procedures and some common inquiries.


University Housing Accommodation

Chair Professor/Professor and professional services staff appointed on Band J on or after July 1, 2018 are given a reversible option between receiving a monthly Non-Accountable Cash Allowance (NCA) of HK$24,000 without time limit or a housing voucher of the same value to rent a unit of University accommodation at discounted rate, subject to availability of quarters.

New appointees at Associate Professor level are given an option to apply for a housing voucher of HK$18,000 to rent University accommodation for the initial three years, to be followed by a monthly NCA of the same value for an unlimited period. Alternatively, they can claim NCA without time limit from start of appointment.

Video of University Quarters

1. High West / Middleton Towers / New Alberose

2. Pine Court / Rodrigues Court / Tam Towers

Floor Plan of University Quarters

1. High West
2. Middleton Towers
3. New Alberose
4. Pine Court
5. Rodrigues Court
6. Tam Towers



Non-Accountable Cash Allowance (NCA)

New appointees at Assistant Professor level and above, non-academic staff on Bands H to J and academic-related staff at comparable ranks are eligible for a monthly Non-Accountable Cash Allowance without time limit.

The Prevailing Rates of NCA are as follows:

Grades/Bands HK$
Chair Professor/Professor/Band J 24,000
Professor of Practice/ Associate Professor/
Band I/Principal Lecturer/Principal Professional Practitioner/Principal Clinical Practitioner
Associate Professor of Practice/ Assistant Professor/Band H/Senior Lecturer/Senior Professional Practioner/Senior Clinical Practitioner 14,400