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Self-pay Dental Scheme 自付牙科保健計劃01 Sep, 2021
The University provides a Self-pay Dental Scheme (the “Scheme”) to (i) staff eligible for primary care at the University Health Service (UHS) and their immediate family members*; (ii) retirees eligible for primary care at the UHS and their immediate family members*; and (iii) staff on fixed term contract who have reached the retirement age and have served the University for more than 10 years, and their immediate family members*. This Scheme serves to supplement the existing dental services provided by the Dental Unit of the UHS, and provides an additional option for members in receiving dental treatment outside the campus.

The University has renewed the contracts with the three existing outside dental groups to provide self-pay dental plan to eligible members which covers oral examination, scaling and polishing, emergency consultation within office hours, at a prepaid annual fee as listed below, for the period September 1, 2021 to August 31, 2022:

Dental group

Annual fee per person

Bayley and Jackson Dental Surgeons Ltd.


UMP Professional Management Ltd.#


Health & Care Dental Services Ltd.


Participation is voluntary.  Members can choose to participate in any of the dental plans on offer at their own expenses.  Members who would like to use the Scheme should submit a completed application form and pay the annual fee directly to the dental groups. Details of the coverage of the three dental plans, preferential rates, clinics’ location, enrollment procedures and application forms can be viewed at the UHS website: http://www.uhs.hku.hk/mbs/sads.php

Enquiries on the Scheme should be directed to the UHS (tel: 3917 2501).

*Immediate family members refer to spouse and children. The dental groups agree to cover all children irrespective of whether they are defined as dependent children by the University.

#UMP only accepts applications from current eligible members between September 1, 2021 and September 30, 2021. New members who join the University after September 2021 can enroll between March 1, 2022 and March 31, 2022.

大學為(I)合資格使用大學醫療保健處服務之僱員及其直系親屬*, (II) 合資格使用大學醫療保健處服務之已退休僱員及其直系親屬*,以及(III) 已達到退休年齡及在大學任職超過十年的指定限期合約的職員及其直系親屬*,提供自付牙科保健計劃 (下稱「計劃」)。在此計劃下,合資格成員及其家屬可選擇在校園外的指定診所,以優惠費用接受牙科服務。










參與是自願性質。合資格成員可以自費選擇參加任何㇐所機構提供的牙科保健計劃。如欲參加本計劃,須填妥申請表格,並直接向有關牙科服務機構支付費用。三間牙科服務機構所提供的牙科保健計劃、各項護理優惠價目、診所位置、報名辦法及申請表格等詳細資料可在大學醫療保健處網址查看,網址為 http://www.uhs.hku.hk/mbs/sads.php

如有任何查詢,請致電大學醫療保健處 (電話 : 3917 2501)。



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