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Revised Outside Practice Regulations 26 Sep, 2017

To:  All full time staff members


This is to remind colleagues the University’s policy and regulations on outside practice.


Professoriate Staff


2.   The University has revised the outside practice policy and regulations early this year.   The revised Regulations Governing Outside Practice by Professoriate Staff can be viewed at: https://uis.hku.hk/uis/shbpro/pdf/outpracreg.pdf.


3.   Colleagues are invited to the note the following key features:


(a)Outside practice includes both paid and unpaid academic and professional activities.  For instance, teaching self-funded courses within the University and/or in other education institutions, if remunerated, should count as outside practice;


(b)Approval and recording of all outside practice activities should be made in advance with more details included in the application to increase transparency;


(c) A 15% levy on non-clinical outside earnings apply to annual outside practice earnings for the portion exceeding 20% of the professoriate staff member’s annual salary;


(d)Disciplinary actions will be considered for non-compliance of outside practice regulations. 


4. Colleagues must ensure that their outside practice activities will not affect the discharge of their normal duties and that there is no conflict of interests involved. 


5. A table setting out the differentiation between research and scholarship, knowledge exchange, outside practice and academic activities not regarded as outside practice is appended in Annex.   In case of doubt, colleagues may consult the Human Resource Section (see para 8 below) or the relevant approving authority as set out in para 5 of the regulations. 


6. Applications for outside practice should be made through the Outside Practice Management System (OPMS) in the HKU Portal prior to undertaken the outside practice activity (HKU Portal > Self Services > Finance & Enterprises Office > Outside Practice Management System).     


 Non-professoriate and non-academic staff


7. The General Policy Governing Outside Practice/Outside Work for non-professoriate and non-academic staff is also attached: https://uis.hku.hk/uis/shbpro/pdf/outprac.pdf.   Applications should be made to the respective Heads of Department in advance with more detailed information to be provided.   




8.   Enquiries may be addressed to the following:


(a)Outside practice and regulations:


Ms Christina Ng, Human Resource Section (tel: 2859 2422, email: cshdng@hku.hk). 


(b)Outside Practice Management System (OPMS):


Ms. Scarlett Lee of the Finance and Enterprises Office (tel: 3921 2541, email: outprac@fo.hku.hk).





Professor Paul Tam

Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor



September 25, 2017



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