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Breastfeeding-Friendly Working Environment「母乳餵哺友善工作環境」05 Feb, 2016

Breastfeeding-Friendly Working Environment

Dear Colleagues,

With an increased awareness of breastfeeding among Hong Kong families and the implementation of a series of supportive measures by the Department of Health, there is an increasing number of mothers breastfeeding their newborns. The University recognizes employees’ choices to breastfeed, accepts and supports employees returning to work after delivery to continue breastfeeding. We aim at providing an appropriate and friendly environment for breastfeeding employees so that breastfeeding is compatible with work. All employees are encouraged to accept and support the choices of colleagues returning to work after delivery to continue breastfeeding.

Expectant mothers may discuss with their supervisors as soon as possible about their wishes to continue breastfeeding after returning to work, to facilitate a good preparation by both parties in a comfortable timeframe. Faculties/ departments/ centres/ units would consider the practical situation and provide an appropriate and friendly environment including the basic measures below:

• Allowing lactation breaks for employees to express breastmilk within one year after delivery (for example, two thirty-minute lactation breaks or an hour in total for an eight-hour working day);

• Providing a space with privacy (please see Note below), an appropriate chair, a table and an electrical socket for connecting breastmilk pumps;

• Providing a refrigerator for storing breastmilk (a pantry refrigerator will do).

Note: Possible ways are using existing rooms such as conference rooms, multifunction rooms or changing room temporarily for milk expression; or setting up a screen or curtain in a secluded corner for expressing breastmilk and displaying a signage.

Further information on the existing breastfeeding rooms in HKU, antenatal and breastfeeding information and other useful links can be found in a website newly developed by the University Health Service which can be viewed from the link below:

With your help and support, we hope to provide a more breastfeeding-friendly work environment for our colleagues.

Dr. Steven Cannon
Executive Vice-President
(Administration and Finance)







提供可妥善存放母乳的冷藏設施 (一般的雪櫃便可)

註釋: 可靈活運用現有資源,安排短暫借用現有房間,如會議室、多功能房或更衣室等。在安靜的角落加設屏風或簾子,暫時供擠母乳之用,並掛上告示。



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