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New Reporting Structure26 Mar, 2015

Message from Professor Roland T. Chin, Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor

To: All staff

Colleagues are invited to note the new reporting lines in the management structure of the University as shown in the attachment (http://intraweb.hku.hk/local/hr/ann15/20-315.pdf) which will take effect from 1 June 2015. The new reporting structure aims at providing clarity in the lines of authority and division of responsibility for management functions for the purpose of effective and efficient governance. The key features of the new reporting structure are as follows:

(a) Vice Presidents/ Pro-Vice-Chancellors (VP/PVC) - Two VP/PVCs (Institutional Advancement, Global) will report to the President/VC, while the other three VP/PVCs (Teaching & Learning, Research, Academic Staffing & Resources) will report to the Provost/Deputy Vice-Chancellor (DVC);

(b) Faculty Deans - The ten Faculty Deans will report to the Provost/DVC;

(c) Professoriate Staff - The Chair Professors, Professors, Associate Professors, and Assistant Professors will report to the respective Heads of Departments and Faculty Deans;

(d) Registry - The Registrar will report to the Provost/DVC on operations relating to administrative support to academic matters. The Director of Human Resources reports to the Executive Vice-President (EVP). The Director of Communications will report to the VP/PVC (Institutional Advancement). The Director of China Affairs will report to the VP/PVC (Global);

(e) Other academic support services - The Dean of Student Affairs and the Dean of Graduate School will report to the Provost/DVC; and

(f) Internal Audit Office (IAO) - The EVP, instead of the Provost/DVC, will oversee the work of the IAO.

Professor Roland T. Chin
Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Chair of Computer Science

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