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Continuing Professional Development Grants20 Oct, 2014

Continuing Professional Development Grants are open to all appointees on Terms of Service I, II and III or Bands A to J, and Post-doctoral Fellows whose appointment is for a period of at least two years.

Grants may be made for the purpose of enabling appointees to improve their performance, which may include the attendance of conference or courses which lead to the award of a degree, diploma, certificate, professional qualification, or membership. (Professoriate staff, Research Assistant Professors, Post-doctoral Fellows and Research Fellows who seek funding support to attend conference should apply for the "Conference Support for Teaching Staff" administered by the University Research Committee.)

Please note that with effect from November 1, 2014, the maximum grant to cover conference attendance (inclusive of passage, registration fee and/or accommodation cost) shall, in line with the "Conference Support for Teaching Staff", be capped at HK$16,500 per application per year.

The Regulations Governing the Award of Grants for Continuing Professional Development can be viewed at the following link:

Application for Grants from the Continuing Professional Development Budget (CPDB) can be made via:

(HKU Portal > Self Service > Human Resources > Staff Development > Request CPD Grant)

Applications should be supported by Head of Department/Dean of Faculty and accompanied by the appropriate documents, which should include details of the activity and the reasons why it should be undertaken by the applicant.

Enquiries should be addressed to Ms. Gloria Lam, Administrative Assistant (Staff development), Human Resource Section, Registry (tel: 2859 2248 or email: gloria.lam@hku.hk  ).


凡屬職工服務規例第一、二、三類僱員(或寬幅組別A - J),及合約為期兩年或以上的博士後研究員,均有資格申請專業及持續進修資助。

任何以提高僱員工作表現為目的之進修均可獲考慮給予資助,包括出席會議或報讀可獲頒授學位、文憑、證書、專業資格或會員資格的各類課程。( 教授級人員、研究助理教授、博士後研究員及研究員,應向大學研究事務委員會申請有關出席專業學術知識的「會議資助」。)




(HKU Portal > Self Service > Human Resources > Staff Development > Request CPD Grant)


有關詳情請向教務處人力資源部僱員發展組行政主任林小姐查詢 (電話:2859 2248 或電郵:gloria.lam@hku.hk   )。

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