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Outside Practice and Outside Work22 Sep, 2014

To: All full time staff members

This serves to remind colleagues the University's regulations on outside practice and outside work.

As a general policy, all full-time staff members must obtain prior approval before undertaking any outside practice or outside work.

Professoriate staff (i.e. Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Professors) and Research Assistant Professors are permitted to undertake outside practice subject to the Regulations Governing Outside Practice by Professoriate Staff which sets out the conditions, the time limit, and the administrative arrangements. With effect from December 1, 2012, no levy is applied to non-clinical outside practice work with the exception of teachers in the Faculty of Medicine. The Regulations can be viewed at the Staff Handbook (https://uis.hku.hk/uis/shbpro/pdf/outpracreg.pdf ).

Applications of outside practice (other than for clinical activities which are subject to different conditions and rules) must be made through the Outside Practice Management System in the HKU Portal (HKU Portal > Self Services > Finance & Enterprises Office > Outside Practice Management System).

Other staff members (i.e. academic and research related staff and non-academic staff) may be permitted to undertake outside work in their personal capacity provided the conditions set out in paragraphs 2 and 3 of the General Policy for Outside Practice/ Outside Work are complied with (https://uis.hku.hk/uis/shnonaca/pdf/outprac.pdf ).

Enquires may be directed to the following:

(a) on outside practice and outside work policy - Ms. Christina Ng, Human Resource Section (tel: 2859 2422, email: cshng@reg.hku.hk );

(b) on the Outside Practice Management System - Ms. Scarlett Lee of the Finance and Enterprises Office (tel: 3921 2541, email: outprac@fo.hku.hk  ).




https://uis.hku.hk/uis/shbpro/pdf/outpracreg.pdf (提供英文版).

(HKU Portal > Self Services > Finance & Enterprises Office > Outside Practice Management System).

其他僱員(即教研人員及非教學人員)在符合校外執業/外間工作的總則第二和第三的條款下,可獲批准以個人身份從事校外工作。有關的總則可瀏覽以下網址: https://uis.hku.hk/uis/staffman/ctos2/otprant.pdf

有關下列的查詢 :

(一) 校外執業/外間工作政策,可聯絡人力資源部伍淑嫺女士: 電話:2859 2422 電郵:cshng@reg.hku.hk

(二) 校外執業管理體系,可聯絡財務及企業管理處李瑞妍女士: 電話:3921 2541 電郵: outprac@fo.hku.hk

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