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Review of Outside Practice Regulations 24 Jun, 2013

To:  All full time staff member

Dear Colleagues,

Review of Outside Practice Regulations

The Council has approved the following recommendations of the Working Group to Review Outside Practice Regulations:  

(a) All full-time professoriate members are encouraged to engage in outside practice involving knowledge creation, knowledge dissemination and knowledge exchange. Prior approval must be obtained before undertaking outside practice and such work must not interfere with the discharge of one's duties or give rise to any possible conflict of interests;

(b) No levy will apply to non-clinical outside practice work with the exception of the Faculty of Medicine; and all clinical outside practice will continue to be subject to income sharing at the rate to be determined by the Faculty of Dentistry and the Faculty of Medicine through their respective Faculty Outside Practice Sub-Committee.

(c) To safeguard the University's interest, uphold the current requirement for staff who apply for outside practice to be covered by the appropriate professional insurance (where applicable), to give an undertaking to indemnify the University against all claims and expenses arising out of the outside practice/outside work, and to advise client of the University's legal position through the Notice of Non-Liability.

(d) Adopt a simplified two-level approval process for the approval of outside practice, with the exception of the Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry, which will continue to be approved by their respective Faculty Outside Practice Sub-Committee. For the other eight Faculties, the Faculty Outside Practice Sub-Committee is to be disestablished.

The Outside Practice Regulations have accordingly been updated and the revised regulations can be viewed at the following link:    


I would like to take the opportunity to remind colleagues the need to obtain prior approval before undertaking any outside practice, and for professoriate staff, to report all non-clinical outside practice activities through the Outside Practice Management System in the HKU Portal (HKU Portal > Self Services > Finance & Enterprises Office > Outside Practice Management System).

Outside Practice Management System

The Finance and Enterprises Office is making the necessary changes to the Outside Practice Management System (OPMS) following the changes in the approving authority for the eight non-clinical faculties, which is expected to be completed by July 2013.

In the meantime, professoriate staff can continue to submit online application for outside practice activities through the OPMS.  With the setup for the approving authority for Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor being under construction, the approving process involving these capacities will be handled off-line for the time being.  Colleagues are advised to approach the Finance and Enterprises Office for assistance.  Please contact Ms. Scarlett Lee of the Finance and Enterprises Office (tel: 3921 2541, email: slee@hkucc.hku.hk), who will be happy to offer advice and answer query on the OPMS.

Enquires on the outside practice policy and regulations can be directed to Ms. Christina Ng, Human Resource Section (tel: 2859 2422, email: cshng@reg.hku.hk). 


Professor Roland T Chin
Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost
Chair of Computing Science

June 24, 2013

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