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Fixed Salaries for Temporary Appointments09 Sep, 2010


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Fixed Salaries for Temporary Appointments

In the University’s human resource framework, where the appointment of a professoriate, academic-related or non-academic staff member is less than two years in duration, the contract is designated as “temporary” in nature, and is placed on Terms of Service “0” (see Note).  Where the fund source for a given temporary post is not 100% from block grants, a decision is called for from the budget holder concerned on whether the salary to be offered is subject to (a) both positive and negative Civil Service-type pay adjustments, or (b) negative only pay adjustments, or (c) be at a fixed amount, having regard to the often limited amount of funding available in the relevant budgets.            

Salaries offered on contracts of such a short duration (80% of which are one year or less) should be fixed in amount. This would save decisions having to be made on each case as to which scenario (a, b or c above) applies; and having to spend valuable manpower on making retrospective pay adjustments for a large number of short-term appointments.              

Therefore, to further streamline staff appointment and salary payment processes, the Senior Management has directed that for new contracts to be issued, the salaries to be offered to temporary appointees should be fixed in amount for the contract duration, and not be subject to Civil Service pay adjustments.  If considered appropriate, departments can offer a salary amount to temporary appointees on first appointment or re-appointment which takes account of any positive (or negative) pay adjustments made.  However, salary adjustment can always be made based on PRD/PRSD performance, after 12 months' service.             

The new practice will take effect from October 1, 2010.  All Letters of Appointment to be issued for first appointment or re-appointment with effect from October 1, 2010 will bear a fixed salary.  I should be grateful if you would take note of this arrangement and draw the attention of colleagues concerned (e.g. administrative staff handling HR matters, grant holders) in your Faculty/Department/Unit to this new practice.  E-financial clearance to be initiated from October 1, 2010 should be based on the new practice. If you have any questions, please let me or my colleagues in the Human Resource Section know.

Mrs. Yvonne Koo
Human Resource Section


September 9, 2010


Note: Though Post-doctoral Fellow appointments are currently placed on Terms of Service 0, this new practice does not apply to PDFs, as the contract duration for PDFs in most cases is two or three years (i.e. the arrangements outlined in (a), (b) and (c) in paragraph 1 above will continue to apply to PDF appointments which are not funded by block grants).  

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