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Professional Personal Counselling and Consultation (PPCC) Service

Professional Personal Counselling and Consultation (PPCC) service is one of the key services provided under EAP. PPCC is designed to help colleagues to resolve problems/difficulties arising from personal, family or work areas that may adversely affect their personal as well as professional lives.

Colleagues can simply call the 24-hour hotline for counselling and consultation whenever and wherever they need to over issues concerning:

• psychological consultation: stress management, interpersonal relationship, insomnia; anxiety, psychological health

• work consultation: job adjustment, career development, relationship with colleagues, pre-retirement, etc.

• family consultation: pre-marital and marital counselling, parenting, family relationship

• work/life balance: housekeeping, child care and development, youth education, elderly care, physical health and mental health, finance, community resources and referral services.

Managers/supervisors may also refer staff to PPCC or consult PPCC professionals for advice or guidance on how they can help their colleagues to deal with work-related issues.

PPCC professionals are qualified and experienced counsellors, social workers and clinical psychologists. All information will be kept in strict confidence.

「個人諮詢及輔導服務」(PPCC) 是僱員支援計劃其中一個主要服務。PPCC是為幫助同事解決於個人、家庭或工作方面遇到的疑難而設的。


• 心理諮詢: 壓力、人際關係、失眠、焦慮、心理健康

• 工作諮詢: 工作適應、職業發展、工作間的人際關係、退休前的準備

• 家庭諮詢: 婚前及婚姻輔導、親子溝通、子女教導疑難、家人相處

• 生活資訊: 家務、幼兒照顧、子女成長發展、青少年教育、長者照顧、 身心健康、財務、社區資源轉介。


PPCC 由一班資深輔導員、社會工作者和臨床心理學家專責提供。一切資料絕對保密。

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