Staff Card

A HKU staff card is issued to full-time or fractional staff member. Details of the preparation of staff card are available in your Letter of Appointment.

The staff card, apart from serving as an identification of your staff identity, serves to provide the functions of access control to the various facilities in the University, e.g. the University Libraries, sports centres managed by the Centre for Sports and Exercise, registration at the University Health Service (UHS), centrally-timetabled classrooms, etc.

Part-time staff may apply for a Facility Access Card (FAC) at the Registration Counter of the Main Library, or the General Office of the Flora Ho Sports Centre, for access to facilities provided by the Libraries and the IHP respectively. The application fee is HK$50. Application details can be found at the University Libraries and the Centre respectively.

HKU Portal

The commonly used IT services and applications are readily available for access by University staff members through a single sign-on platform via the HKU Portal which provides a facility to access email, web-based courses, library resources, and various applications supported by administrative offices and service centres. Through the HKU Portal, University staff members can register their bank accounts for salary payments, make enquiry of their pay slips and tax returns, etc.

Each staff member can choose a unique UID (account name) and an associated PIN (password) to access the HKU Portal. Your email address will be yourChosenUID@hku.hk and you can access email via MyEmail tab of HKU Portal. Application procedures of the HKU Portal account are outlined in the “Instruction Sheet on Computer Account Application” enclosed with your Letter of Appointment. For staff without this sheet, please apply through the University’s Information Technology Services (accessible within HKU campus network only).

Personal Data

Upon creation of the HKU Portal account, staff members are required to log on to HKU Portal to complete the electronic “Personal & Family Data Form” under “Self Service > Human Resources”. It is important for you to complete this e-Form promptly to facilitate, among other things, payment of your salary. You should also submit information of your dependents, who may be eligible for the benefits and University’s facilities (e.g. access to the library, sports membership) provided under your employment, and upload the supporting documents (e.g. marriage certificate, birth certificate of your child) using the e-Form for HRS’ verification. Any subsequent changes to your personal particulars (e.g. marital status, birth of child, qualification, home/correspondence address, office address and telephone) should be submitted to the HRS via the e-Form as soon as possible.

Staff members can at any time view their personal particulars and employment information, inclusive of compensation information and benefit entitlements, using the “Personnel File” under “Self Service > Human Resources” of the HKU Portal.


Your benefit entitlements are set out in your Letter of Appointment and the documents enclosed with your appointment package. Upon your Department’s confirmation of your assumption of duty, you will automatically be enrolled in the medical benefit plan and the leave plan(s) that you are eligible for.

In accordance with the Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) Schemes Ordinance of Hong Kong, you are required to enroll in the University's Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) Scheme in respect of the total relevant income derived from your appointment(s) with the University. You must return the MPF Enrollment Form, or the Declaration Form for Exemption from Mandatory Provident Fund, to the Personnel Unit of the Human Resource Section, Registry within 10 days following the commencement of your appointment or as soon as possible thereafter.

Staff members who may be eligible for housing benefits must return the completed “Statement on Housing and Housing Related Benefits Received” to the Personnel Unit of the Human Resource Section, Registry for the assessment of your housing eligibility in accordance with the Prevention of Double Housing Benefits Rules. A letter confirming your entitlement of housing benefit will be issued by the Personnel Unit as soon as the assessment result is available.

Salary Payment

Salaries are paid monthly in arrears and appointees coming from overseas should ensure that they have sufficient money available in Hong Kong to cover their initial expenses. The Director of Finance will, on request and with the support of the relevant Head of the Department, make a small salary advance to overseas new staff if necessary.

The pay day is usually the second last working day of the month. Staff members can enquire their salary history via the “Personnel File” under “Self Service > Human Resources”, and receive their pay slips and annual tax return under “Self Service > Finance & Enterprises Office” on-line in the HKU Portal. Enquiries about salary payment should be addressed to the Finance and Enterprises Office at 3921 2895 or feo-payroll@hku.hk.

University Holidays

In addition to Sundays, there are 17 general public holidays in Hong Kong:

1st of January
Lunar New Year's Day
2nd day of Lunar New Year
3rd day of Lunar New Year
Ching Ming Festival
Good Friday
Day following Good Friday
Easter Monday
Labour Day
Buddha's Birthday
Tuen Ng Festival
HKSAR Establishment Day
Day following Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival
National Day
Chung Yeung Festival
Christmas Day
Day following Christmas Day

Apart from the above public holidays in Hong Kong, the followings are University holidays as well:

March 16 (Foundation Day)
Lunar New Year’s Eve (PM only)
December 24 (Christmas Eve)
December 31 (PM only) (New Year’s Eve)

The exact dates of public holidays and University holidays of each year can be found in GovHK and the University Calendar respectively.

Occupational Health and Safety

The University is fully committed to ensuring the safety and health of all its staff members. It is indeed the mission of the University to provide a safe, healthy and sustainable workplace to support and advance teaching, learning and research at the University. The University has developed and implemented numerous comprehensive health promotion initiatives in the workplace. New staff can visit the following websites for general information on occupational health and safety:

Back and Neck Care
Computer / Display Screen Equipment
Food Hygiene
Manual Handling

Last review date: December 2017