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University Administration Fee for the Staff Provident Fund26 Jun, 2017

To: Members of the Staff Provident Fund

The Board of Trustees for our Staff Provident Fund (SPF) has approved with effect from July 1, 2017 an increase in the University administration fee for the SPF from $30 to $42 per member per month. The increase takes into account the cost inflation and the additional administrative work borne by the University in relation to the SPF since the last fee adjustment in 2001.

2. In approving the said increase, the Board of Trustees has also agreed that the administrative fee involved will cease to be charged to the individual accounts of SPF members with effect from the same date until further notice. Instead, the fees will be charged to the accumulated balance of the SPF Reserve Account unless and until the balance in the Reserve Account has gone down to a level that merits a review of the arrangement by the Board of Trustees.


(Ms.) Jennie Wong
Director of Human Resources

c.c. Director of Finance

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