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Review of Medical Benefits28 Aug, 2013

Message from the Executive Vice-President (Administration and Finance)

To:   All Staff members

Dear Colleagues

I am pleased to inform you that the Council, at its meeting held on August 27, 2013, has approved, upon the recommendations of the Working Group to Study the Medical Benefits Provisions for Staff and Students, a number of enhancements to the medical benefits provisions for staff, which are summarised as follows:

a) improve the reimbursement for emergency consultation, intensive care treatment, use of operation theatre and complex operation;

b) rationalize the hospitalization benefits for junior staff at Band A/ TOSIII and B/ TOS II equivalent staff;

c) offer Chinese Medicine consultation on self-pay basis through the outside panel doctors;

d) provide primary care option for staff, retirees and their dependants on self-pay basis through the outside panel doctors; and

e) bring in self-pay dental schemes offered by outside providers.

Details of the above enhancements will be issued shortly.

The Council has also approved the proposal to offer catastrophic insurance to all staff members and we are negotiating with the insurance providers regarding the detailed arrangements.  In the meantime, Liberty has agreed to extend the existing top-plan medical insurance plan for another year.

The University is committed to ensuring its medical benefits are competitive and will continue to review its medical benefits provisions.

With best wishes


Dr. Steven Cannon
Executive Vice-President
(Administration and Finance)

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