Notes for Applicants for Administrative, Technical, Specialised Support
and Research/Teaching Support Staff Ranks


General Instructions for Applicants


1.     Please type or write clearly when completing the application form.


2.     If selected for interview/appointment, applicants will be required to submit the originals and one photocopy each of all relevant documents.


3.     Applicants for posts such as Clerk and Secretary may be required to attend a typing test and/or to provide evidence of typing and/or shorthand speeds obtained in tests conducted by a registered institution.


4.     Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview. If no further communication is received within four weeks of the interview, they may regard their applications as unsuccessful.


5.     The University thanks applicants for their interest, but advises that only candidates shortlisted for interviews will be notified of the application result.


6.     Unsuccessful applications may be retained for a maximum period of 24 months. Subject to their agreement, unsuccessful applications may be disclosed to internal departments which have suitable vacancies. If the department concerned wishes to consider these applications, the University will first ascertain candidates' interest before proceeding further.


7.     The University adopts a policy of equal employment opportunities for persons with a disability under which they are given the same opportunities for employment as persons without a disability. When two or more applicants are equally qualified in relation to the occupational requirements of the post (which will include physical ability only when necessary), if one has a disability, he or she will be given preference.


General Information on Conditions of Service


1.     Appointees to administrative, technical and specialised support staff ranks may be appointed on fixed terms for two to three years (with a probationary period as determined by the Head of Department concerned); or temporary terms for less than 2 years.


2.     The appointment will be made under the broadbanding structure, at a particular band, sub-group and rank. Each band (and sub-group) has a salary range and the entry salary is determined in accordance with the University's policy, which takes into account factors such as qualifications and experience (subject to verification by documentary support such as testimonials), competencies, current remuneration package (subject to production of documentary proof), market rate, and other pertinent circumstances etc.


3.     Depending on the conditions of service offered, staff benefits may include provident fund or contract-end gratuity, annual leave, and medical benefits. The University adopts a five-day work week, but some offices may operate on Saturdays and flexible working hours may apply.


4.     Staff have access to University sports centres, libraries and student canteens. Facilities available on the main campus include banks, a bookstore and a small supermarket.


The above is only a summary for general information and does not purport to explain the full details of any contractual provision. Furthermore, the University reserves the right to make changes and exceptions. New appointees are advised to read their own contracts carefully.



Amended March 2015

Updated October 2018